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 +===== Embed Admidio in Joomla =====
 +//This article is written in German in our Support Forum [[http://forum.admidio.org/viewtopic.php?t=1005|Javan in ower Forum]]. If you also want to write an article on a topic, you can then either post in the forum or write to us and ask for editing rights on this wiki.//
 +The aim of this description is to integrate Admidio without much knowledge of HTML or PHP in an existing or newly-set-up Joomla installation. Joomla is a very powerful tool to build websites, but with a little training you can thanks to the built-in **wrapper** easily integrate the functions of Admidio in a homepage. Besides Admidio still be slightly different content.
 +The installation of Joomla is comparable to that of Admidio. You need web space, and a database. The installation of Joomla will not be described here. There are lots of detailed instructions on the Internet.
 +Advanced one issue: You should of course Admidio have already installed, otherwise it can not be integrated into Joomla.
 +**IMPORTANT:** Admidio should in the organizational constellations on the **Classic**-Theme be converted, otherwise it does not fit visually to Joomla, because it already have navigation bars.
 +After the successful installation of Joomla you are located in the Admin level. In order, for example, to integrate the announcements of Admidio as news on the home page newly created, proceed as follows:
 +  - You're going to **menus** there on the **main menu**
 +  - Now on **new - internal link" - Wrapper - Wrapper **
 +  - Now you can enter the **title** that is to appear on the page's content, adding now. So, for example, //News//.
 +  - In **Alias** you repeat the entry //News// again.
 +  - **Link** remains unchanged
 +  - **Show in ** You leaves even in  the main menu, otherwise you would have to choose anothe menue you have previously created.
 +  - **Parent entry** if you select different menu item, the //News//-entry in the menu under this is represented slightly indented.
 +  - **Approved** you should set to ** YES ** , otherwise this will not appear
 +  - **Access Level ** here you should select **public** in this case, because  everyone who comes to the site not specifically requires a Joomla login and a Admidio Login. (Access can then also be configured again within Admidio)
 +  - **Click to open in ** you can leave so, then the page in the same window opens
 +  - **Wrapper url** Here you add the URL for the Admidio interface //Announcements//. \\For example, www.yoururl.de/admidio/adm_program/modules/announcements/announcements.php
 +Now, the adjustments should be stored and under **Preview** you can display the result directly.
 +These steps you must now be repeated for all the areas that you want to display on your website with Joomla, such as Guestbook, dates, pictures, downloads, and Login. Already you have Admidio integrated into a halfway decent presentation in Joomla.
 +Of course, now comes the fine-tuning:
 +  * Color matching of Admidio to the Joomla template of your choice
 +  * If necessary, insert additional static text pages in Joomla
 +  * Small optical adjustments in Joomla
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