HTTPS for Admidio-Websites

With Admidio sensitive member data, credentials and passwords are usually stored and managed. For this reason it is advisable to the website that is accessed via Admidio to protect with an SSL certificate, so that the access to the website is via HTTPS. Thereby, the data that are transferred between the PC or a smart phone and the web page on the Internet, automatically encrypted and protected against unauthorized interception because passwords, bank accounts, etc. are not sent in plain text anymore.

Mit einem SSL-Zertifikat wird aber auch die Identität einer Webseite und allenfalls auch des Betreibers der Webseite bescheinigt. Daher gibt es SSL-Zertifikate in verschiedenen Ausführungen, was sich dann aber auch wieder auf den Preis auswirkt:

  • Domain name in certificate
  • Personal data in the certificate
  • Free Trust logo ™
  • Green address bar in the browser

For an Admidio website a “simple” certificate, in which the domain name is contained in the certificate, is sufficient. Such certificates are e.g .:

  • Let's Encrypt
  • Comodo Positive SSL
  • GeoTrust Rapid SSL
  • Thawte SSL 123

Unfortunately, the certificate providers and hosting providers for the exhibition and the integration of SSL certificates can still pay well. Even for hosting a small website with one of the certificates listed above depending on the provider still amounts up to 100 € or more per year!

A free alternative is an SSL certificate from StartCom: StartSSL Free.
Such a certificate of StartCom, where the own domain name is contained in the certificate is classified by the popular Internet browser as trustworthy and is always valid for one year.

Eine weitere Möglichkeit ist, dass man das SSL-Zertifikat seines Providers “mitbenutzt”, bei dem die Webseite gehostet ist (sofern dies der Provider überhaupt ermöglicht). Hierbei spricht man von “Shared SSL”, das von einigen Hosting-Providern in unterschiedlichen Ausführungen angeboten wird:

  • Option 2:
    • my website is not redirected to another link
    • but there arises the unfortunate side effect that the website is classified by the popular Internet browser as untrusted. In the Web page will appear several warnings, by which the user is confused generally:
      • there is a problem with the security certificate of the website
      • the loading of the site is not recommended
      • red address bar with reference to a certificate error

Some providers also offer the ability to create self-signed certificates and to associate with the page. However, such certificates are not classified by the internet browser to be trustworthy.

When hedging of own Admidio website with an SSL certificate so the hosting provider plays a crucial role. In the following you find a list of providers with cheap SSL certificates. If you know even such a provider, you can suggest us to be happy. We take it then in this list:

  • This provider, for example, a Admidio installation with a free SSL certificate from StartCom for less than 10 € per year can be hosted (incl. the costs for a .de domain). Alternatively, you can log in with managing pages and create without great effort self-signed certificates or buy for less than 15 € a Comodo Positive SSL Certificate.
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