Category Report

This Plugin creates a list with all roles and affiliations category of a member, and displays it on the screen.

In addition to the display, there is the possibility to print or export the generated.

As usual for plugins file only needs to be unzipped into the directory of Admidio adm_plugins installation.

How the plugin, as shown in the figure below, can be integrated into the homepage, shows the following instructions.

Add follwing line in the file \admidio\adm_themes\modern\my_body_bottom.php:


The plugin has since version 1.1.0 a web interface that has been adapted to the lists known in Admidio.

After the report is created, it can be

  • printed via the Print Preview or
  • be exported Export

Note: The parameters for export can be set in the menu item Options.

Across menu item Settings, the plugin can be configured.

The Settings menu



Access for the Plugin

Plugin Information

Under certain circumstances, the plugin stops with the error message “Maximum execution time exceeded”. This is not a programming error.

The interpreter shuts itself down because the script needs more time than is allocated to it. This can occur when there are many members, categories and roles have to be processed.


1. Option in php.ini

Using parameter max_execution_time in php.ini, you can choose the maximum duration of a PHP script in seconds.

max_execution_time = 300;

2. Option in the script itself (kategoriereport_show.php)

If no safe_mode is enabled, a script can put itself a runtime limit using the set_time_limit () function.

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