Roles membership

An organization in Admidio is mapped like descripted here:Roles Also, permissions are handeld in the Admidio system with the same roles. In order to assign a user in the organization accordingly and to give him the appropriate rights to use Admidio, he must be a member of certain roles.

There are several ways in Admidio to assign user roles. If you want to assign several members to a role so it makes sense to select the role and then click only the users that you want to become a member. This can be done in the administration role.

There can with icon the assignment dialog be called. In this dialog, new members can be easily added by the hook is set in front of their name

  • Another possibilty is the list overview. Here you will find all of the roles for which membership lists can be displayed. Also there is the symbol that links to the same assignment dialog.
  • Should the role assignment to be maintained at a certain member, so this offers itself in the profile. There you can change the menu Select role memberships and assign to all available roles on the following dialog or remove.

If someone assigns a user to a role with functions outlined above, the role membership always starts today and ends on 31.12.9999, with other words in the future. But if you want a role membership now capture or change the end of a membership of a role for a later period, so you can do this in the respective user profile. Here you can see the membership over the icon displaying the input fields for the start and end date. After the change has been confirmed, it is immediately visible on Profile


Leaders are special participants of a role. They are highlighted in lists and counted separately in the number of subscribers. Additional rights can be assigned on the role configuration. In the role configuration has its own selection for the leaders.

  • The default is No additional rights. Thus, the leaders are only highlighted, but themselves have no additional rights.
  • With setting Assign Members they can add to their role more existing members. It is not possible to create new users.
  • When selecting Edit members , so managers can edit the profile data of all active members of their role. Leaders have the possibility to edit the fields that are locked for the user. Profile data from other leaders in the same role can still not be edited.
  • In the selected setting Assign and edit members leaders can assign more existing members assign or remove of their role, as well as edit the profile data of the role members. This is a very far-reaching permission, since it is thereby possible to assign all members of the role, and thus edit their data.
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