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 +====== Publish new Version ======
 +The following things are to be done in a version update:
 +  * All changes must be checked in
 +  * Version number in constant.php must be updated
 +  * Filter all closed Milestones on GitHub Issues
 +  * Copy the list of GitHub Issues in a text editor, remove additional information and categorize the individual points (General, appointments,​ guestbook ...)
 +  * Enter the categorized list in changelog.php of the website and update the sidebar
 +  * Download the latest zip file and unzip the Branches
 +  * Remove all plugins except **login_form** and folder **demo_data**
 +  * Now grab the Admidio folder in a file **admidio-3.x.x.zip**
 +  * Upload file ** admidio-3.x.x.zip ** on SourceForge via the menu item **Files** upload
 +  * Update the file **download.php** on the website (new file name and date)
 +  * Sign in the News forum with the release announcement
 +  * Publish announcement on Facebook and Google Plus
 +  * Write new version number in **update.txt** on the FTP server
 +  * Update demo area **de** and **en** (delete folders **adm_plugins** and ** adm_program** and upload new files and folders)
 +  * Update ​ new version in **data.sql** in folder **demo_data** in //trunk// Upload to demo area
 +  * Run build script in the demo area **de** and **en**
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