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This plugin displays the current month in a calendar overview. Other months may simply be switched without the page has to be reloaded. Days with registered appointments are highlighted. Assuming your mouse over these days, so the relevant dates are displayed. On request, the birthdays of members will appear in Calendar.


Default plugin since Admidio 3.2

Previous versions: - (Admidio 3.1) - (Admidio 3.0) - (Admidio 2.4)


Supported by: Admidio Team

Plugin-Version: 2.2.0

Required Admidio-Version: 3.2

Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Supported languages: German (du), German (Sie), English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese

License: GPL 2

Sourcecode: GitHub



To install a plugin please follow the instructions in our Instructions for the integration of plugins.

Should the plugin also be displayed on pages that are not created by Admidio, so the following code must be added to the header area of the page:

echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="'. $g_root_path.'/adm_program/libs/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="'. $g_root_path. '/adm_plugins/calendar/calendar.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$g_root_path.'/adm_program/libs/jquery/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="'.$g_root_path.'/adm_program/libs/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script>';

Note: Since Admidio 2.2 and the associated multilingualism the standard calendar have following internal numbers: [code]Allgemein = SYS_COMMON Training = INS_TRAINING Courses = INS_COURSES[/code] [b]This is absolutely essential to observe when selecting single calendar![/b]


  • In the first step you should backup the file config.php of the plugin folder.
  • Replace the available plugin folder with the files of the new version.
  • Copy back your config.php in the plugin folder and overwrite the existing file.


2.2.0 (17.12.2016)

  • Compatible with Admidio 3.2

2.1.0 (13.02.2016)

  • Compatible with Admidio 3.1

2.0.3 (22.10.2015)

  • Display of multi-day events, which end on the last day of the month, was displayed incorrectly
  • Support PostgreSQL databases

2.0.2 (23.08.2015)

  • For multi-day appointments sometimes the first or last day would not appear

2.0.1 (21.08.2015)

  • Correction in the display of multi-day appointments
  • Special characters are converted into HTML entities

2.0.0 (17.08.2015)

  • Multi-day appointments are displayed
  • Tooltip appears when Ajaxbox is disabled
  • Extensive code rebuilding and code improvements

1.10.0 (13.06.2015)

  • Compatible with Admidio 3.0
  • In the preview for a date now all appointments one day appear. Previously, it was always only one.

1.9.0 (23.03.2013)

  • Compatible with Admidio 2.4

1.8.1 (20.04.2012)

  • Plugin-specific headline was not considered
  • Calendar can be selected again

1.8.0 (05.02.2012)

  • Compatible with 2.3

1.7.1 (30.07.2011)

  • Tooltip works on external sites again

1.7.0 (06.04.2011)

  • Compatible with Admidio 2.2
  • Preparing for translation and English translation

1.6.2 (23.03.2010)

  • For each appointment a calendar category can be shown

1.6.1 (14.02.2010)

  • Fixed HTML parsing error in table structure (added by Guido de Gobbis)

1.6.0 (28.01.2010)

  • Birthdays and appointments can be displayed in different colors. In addition to scheduling conflicts, a third color is used. The differentiation is done via an included CSS file. (added by Bettes)
  • Specifying a separate URL for linking to the Date module is now possible. Externeal CMS system can now include the plugin. (added by Bettes)
  • The target destination for the call of appointments etc may be set in config.php by _self, _top. (Added by Bettes)
  • About the config.php file can be determined which members shall be selected roles. (Added by Bettes)
  • Dates of other organizations can now be displayed again (Added by Bettes)

1.5.1 (10.01.2010)

  • Birthdays of members not active are no longer displayed

1.5.0 (07.11.2009)

  • Navigation between several months via AJAX
  • Redesigned presentation

1.4.1 (07.04.2009)

  • Compatible with Admidio 2.1

1.3.0 (09.10.2008)

  • New option: Dates only visible to logged in users
  • New option: Birthdays visible to logged in users

1.2.1 (25.05.2008)

  • Error in the SQL statement

1.2.0 (11.05.2008)

  • Compatible with Admidio 2.0
  • Even birthdays of members are now displayed Optional
  • Appointments and birthdays are displayed when you go with the mouse over the date
  • Layout can be customized via own CSS file
  • Plugin now also supports multiple organizations in the DB

1.0.1 (12.11.2007)

  • The beginning of the event was set incorrectly

1.0 (11.11.2007)

  • Calendar-Plugin released
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