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Sidebar Online


This plugin lists all users who are logged in and active on the homepage for the last x minutes. Both visitors and registered members are displayed. Since it requires very little space, it is suitable for a sidebar on the homepage.


Default plugin since Admidio 3.2

Previous versions: - (Admidio 3.1) - (Admidio 3.0) - (Admidio 2.4 & 2.3)


Supported by: Admidio Team

Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Supported languages: German (du), German (Sie), English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swaheli, Chinese

License: GPL 2

Sourcecode: GitHub



To install a plugin please follow the instructions in our Instructions for the integration of plugins.


  • In the first step you should back up the file config.php from the plugin folder.
  • Replace the available plugin folder with the files of the new version.
  • Write back your config.php in the plugin folder and overwrite the existing file.
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