Eventleader able to edit participations

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Eventleader able to edit participations

Beitragvon Schwartz » 23. Mär 2017, 10:17

You can invite people to an event. You have a club with 30 members, and You invite them all for an event.
It is a concert with the band U2, and You have got 30 free tickets.
On the event You have asked people to react before day 10.
You have also written that if there are free places, then They will after day 10 be allowed to invite one guest.
You have set the max participants to 30
Now You have day 11 and You can see that only 24 people have reacted.
17 have participated
7 have rejected.

So - You now should have 13 free tickets that invited guests could use.

You Now set the allowed number of guests to 1.
But this won't help. The people that have not reacted ( there will always be such people ) blocks for further participation.

Could it be so, that there was/is an edit-icon on each line of the participation that was visible if the logged-in- user is leader for the event.
When he clicks the icon, a pop-up ( like the new pop-up for adding comment and guests ) for the actual line he clicked, is shown.
Then he had a leader-comment-field ( see : viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7437 ) and maybe the number of guests, that he could edit - even if he is not the "owner" of the participation.
AND - he will be able to shift the status from "Unter Vorbehalt" to "Absagen".
It could be discussed if there was other things he should be able to edit - the other status'es perhaps - but not the participant-owners-comment. Maybe a status field that now says "edited by eventleader xxxx ), so the participant can see that his participation is edited by another person. This person has then hopefully written in the leader-comment-field what he has changed and why.
Could this be something for a 3.3.x version ?

Kind regards
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Re: Eventleader able to edit participations

Beitragvon Thomas-RCV » 30. Mär 2017, 21:43

Hello John,

I don´t think so for the 3.3 Release. We will improve a little bit for the leaders, but not to much at this time.
Your idea is also very special in my mind, because the date module will not be able to react as ticket system or e.g. handle fees.
This might be something for furture Versions.


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