Logic error in beta demo

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Logic error in beta demo

Beitragvon Schwartz » 23. Mär 2017, 14:29

When You have an event and You invite a large number of persons ( could be 111 ) and THEN edit the event, and You set a max number of participants on this event - then it is allowed and the event is updated.

You can see it on the attached image. there is 115 invited of 30 possible.

It is not just when using the guests.
Also if You invite 12 different users and then later set a max of 10, then the system also allow this.
BUT when You later try to invite one more person THEN the system reacts and tell that this is not possible.
This is just to inform - I don't know if it is to early to report logical bugs in the beta.

Kind regards
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Re: Logic error in beta demo

Beitragvon Thomas-RCV » 28. Mär 2017, 21:30

There is some logic missing while editing the Events.
Will have a look on this asap.


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