initial redirection and overview

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initial redirection and overview

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I have just completed the installation of Admidio on my server.

it went smoothly. I created a couple of users. and things seems to work well.

two issues though.

when I visit the root url, it still redirects me to the installation page, and complains it was already installed.
how do I flip back?

I think it should just redirect to the login page.

second related issue, is that I can access the overview page without being logged in.

can I make this private?

the only two features that should be accessible to a non-authenticated user is

- to login
- to register

thank you
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Re: initial redirection and overview

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Hi mathieu,
your second related issue, the overview:
1. look at ... tomization
How can I customize the overview page ?
2. look at: adm_plugins
every plugin has a 'config_sample.php'.
you can/must create a 'config.php' for each plugin
3. when you are logged in, than look/modify the 'settings'