Use of Admidio for WordPress users

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Use of Admidio for WordPress users

Beitragvon Tekkuno » 26. Nov 2015, 13:55

Hi everybody,

trying to set up a quick site with member registration options for my club I quickly resorted to WordPress. WordPress in itself can sort of act as a membership directory but a guy from my sports club recommended Admidio.
WordPress itself can load data from a different database, so it should be possible to use Admidio's data for members to log on to the site. However, I've been trying and trying and searching for a solution and I do not seem able to get it to work. (I guess this explains why I resorted to WordPress for the site.)

My question: does anybody know of a way to have both Admidio and WordPress use the same database for its users? (Or know of a WordPress plugin...)
Perhaps I've been trying to load the wrong tables, perhaps I'm screwing up somewhere else.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Use of Admidio for WordPress users

Beitragvon Thomas-RCV » 26. Nov 2015, 14:04

Hi Tekk,

There is a plugin for Admidio Events in Word Press from another Admidio-Forum user:


Maybe it helps you to figure out how to implement in word Word Press.
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Re: Use of Admidio for WordPress users

Beitragvon alexmorco » 3. Aug 2019, 12:19

You can easily configure Admidio on Cloudways managed WordPress hosting platform, You only need to add the PHP script of Admidio on the platform panel.

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