CSV import of users

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CSV import of users

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Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the CSV import of users to Admidio. When one select User Management> Additional Functions > Import User(s), the import dialog is shown. When you select a file and go to the next page, one can match the fields in the csv file with user profile items. However, what I see is:
  • Username (user) is missing in this list
The import works all right, but the imported users still don't have a username, then I have to manually edit their profile and create a username for each of them, which is not efficient. After that I have to click "send email with username and password" manually for each user.

My questions are:
  • is there a way to incorporate username in the import process so that I don't have to manually create it.
  • is there a way to send the email with username and password to the new users automatically or by selecting them all and doing it once? (rather than clicking on each user's key icon).
Thank you for your time.
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Re: CSV import of users

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I have exactly the same problem. I import more than 150 users and have to manually enter a username en send a mail with username and password for every user.

How can this be simplified.

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Re: CSV import of users

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Today there is no option for this. Maybe we implement this in the future. But it is a good idea
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Re: CSV import of users

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Also the Start of Membership and End of Membership can be exported but not imported.
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Re: CSV import of users

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It definitely would be a huge improvement to have the user ID and password created at the time of import. For the current set up that I am doing there are over 400 member's.

On import it could check to see if the current user ID exists, if it does their record is updated with the data. If their User ID doesn't exist it gets created and their data is added.

For the password the Admin can then email them their User ID and password or the newly added User / Member can reset their password.
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