Membership plugin instalation

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Membership plugin instalation

Beitragvon voodoosnares » 20. Mär 2019, 15:26

I am trying to install this plugin and after checking existing fields (step 1 and step 2), page refreshes and nothing happens. What can be the problem?
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Re: Membership plugin instalation

Beitragvon rmb » 20. Mär 2019, 22:05

Hello voodoosnares,

if in your Admidio installation profile fields already exist that want to create the plugin again (for example, IBAN) then the setup crashes. There is already an issue for this error.

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Re: Membership plugin instalation

Beitragvon zpintar » 23. Aug 2019, 13:55


I've similar problem with Member Fee plugin.
I made menu item for this plugin as described in manual, and when I click on this menu item I've got only initial Setup 1 and 2 runs, and that's all. All runs end without any errors (and I click Next on each run) but I can not get any further options of this plugin (only new fields in user data).
This is what is write at the beginning of this page
The setup routine for the membership fee has detected that a version update has been performed and therefore checks the structure.
This is my config data:
  • Admidio version 3.3.11
  • PHP version 7.3.8
  • MySQL-Version 10.0.38-MariaDB-cll-lve
On each another try I get the same setup routine again and again. Why? What i'm doing wrong?

I found solution with install Geburtstagsliste plugin as I seen on some other topic of this forum.

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