Plugin installation issue

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Plugin installation issue

Beitragvon broodfaun » 3. Mai 2019, 17:32


I am trying to install the membership fee plugins. I am having issue no matter where I include it in my_body_bottom.php, the layout screws up and I don't see membership on the page.

this is what I am following: ... edsbeitrag

Thank you!
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Re: Plugin installation issue

Beitragvon rmb » 6. Mai 2019, 20:49

Hello broodfaun,

unfortunately the english wiki is not up to date yet. Since version 4.x of the membership fee plugin you have to set the link via the new "Menu".

Administration - Menu
Add Entry
Name: Membership fee
Menu level: --Plugins
URL: /adm_plugins/mitgliedsbeitrag/mitgliedsbeitrag.php


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