Plug-in and Module Development

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Plug-in and Module Development

Beitragvon southernyankee65 » 10. Jul 2019, 04:06

Is there a guide or how-to for someone wanting to develop either a plug-in or module for Admidio?

I cannot locate anything that is specific to plug-in or module development. I would like to know what hooks there are, required calls, etc. I would also like to know the difference between a plug-in and module and why one would choose to develop one over the other.

Finally, where can I get a copy of the demo data for v3.3.10? I tried pulling from Github, but the master branch is already setup for the beta version 4.0 and the 3.3 branch deletes all my data and then the system tells me it needs to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.3.10, which naturally, fails...

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Re: Plug-in and Module Development

Beitragvon fasse » 11. Jul 2019, 09:38

There is no technical difference between a plug-in or a module. The difference in handling is the following:

Modules are developed by the core team and will be updated with each new version.

Plugins can be developed by everyone and will be within the plugin folder which will not be updated by default if there is a new version installed.

Unfortionality we have no guide how to develope a plugin. But you can have a look at our developement area. Maybe there are some usefull hints.

For Github have a look at ... _versionen

Github will create a folder with the master branch. Than you can switch to the 3.3 but therefore the master files will be replaced. So you must commit every change you made or it will be gone.

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