Undelete Deleted New Registration

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Undelete Deleted New Registration

Beitragvon DanWestlake » 10. Okt 2019, 02:51

I know if you go to delete an approved member you are given the option to archive the member's data rather than delete it.

The organization that I set up Admidio for accidentally deleted a new registration waiting for approval. That I can find once a new registration that is deleted it is deleted without an undo or delete feature. If it does exist and I have missed it please let me know how to utilize it.

If the feature to restore / undelete a New Registration doesn't exist would it be possible to perhaps add the feature to Admidio?

Ontario, Canada
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Re: Undelete Deleted New Registration

Beitragvon fasse » 13. Apr 2020, 11:14

Hi Dan,

if you choose delete, we will delete the registration. There is no undo feature.


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