Bug or by design?

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Bug or by design?

Beitragvon DanWestlake » 29. Okt 2019, 19:08


I had set up Admido so that a few Roles / Members could process New Registrations including the Edit profile of all users.

They President of the organization wanted the Members to update their profile if there were any changes such as address etc, they didn't want the Association's Managing Members to get stuck doing it so he instructed me to turn off the permission to Edit profile of all users so I did.

As soon as I did that even though the permissions Organize and assign roles and Organize and assign registrations were still selected for this role they no longer could approve New Registrations and the User Management option no longer appeared for them.

I guess it is a catch 22 situation, you are editing the profile by changing editing the role but you aren't changing any of the other profile details.

Perhaps it was meant that roles could be changed but individual profile fields couldn't be edited if the Edit profile of all users isn't enabled.

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