Admidio 3.2.11 released

Some more bugfixes within our 3.2 release. It's also now possible to activate the cookie for the whole domain where Admidio is installed.

A full list of ... mehr


Admidio 3.2.10 released

We fix some bugs that were found in the last 2 month.

A full list of all bugfixes can be found in our issue tracker!

We recommend you to read ... mehr


Admidio 3.2.9 released

Within this version we have done many fixes to the update process. We fix problems if you update from version 2.x and also if you use PostgreSQL as you favorite ... mehr


Admidio 3.2.8 released

Within this version we now use the parameter $g_root_path again to build our urls within Admidio. So please check the value of this parameter if it fit to your ... mehr


Admidio 3.2.6 released

Due to possible SQL injections we have released this bugfix version. We recomment you to update to this version immediately if you use any Admidio 3 version.



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