Admidio 3.3.8 released

Our new bugfix version that also includes small enhancements and some changes.

A full list of all bugfixes can be found in our issue tracker!

We ... mehr


Admidio 3.3.7 released

Due to a critical bug within the installation and the session management we have released a new version.

We recommend you to read our announcements for version ... mehr


Admidio 3.3.6 released

Within this release we have fixed some bugs and change the labels within the relationship configurations. There is also a big update to the french translation and a better ... mehr


Written Communications 3.2 released

The version 3.2 is compatible with Admidio 3.3.

In this release the compatibility to Admidio Version 3.3 has been adapted.

Beside common configuration ... mehr


Admidio 3.3.5 released

This release includes some enhancements and changes regarding the GDPR. We also have found some bugs and fixed them.

We recommend you to read our announcements ... mehr


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