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Enhancements to the statistics pluginEnhancements to the statistics plugin

The statistics plugin is now released in version 3.0 with some great enhancements.
Since some time we have only maintain the compatiblity of the plugin to the current version of Admidio. But now we have added some great enhancements to the plugin:

  • Its now possible to call a print preview in each statistics list. Within that print preview all unnecessary elements are removed.
  • The links to the editor and statistics list are integrated within the Admidio menu. Therefore no PHP script must be edited if you install the plugin anymore.
  • The access management can be configured via the role assignement to each menu item. So no config file must be edited with role names.
  • The plugin is now translated into english. This language will be choosen by default if the Admidio language isn't german.

Now go and download the plugin and integrate it into your website. If you have created a useful new statistic you can send us a screenshot of your configuration and we will integrate it to the default installation so other users can also use that statistic.