The current core team of Admidio. We continuously develop Admidio and think about which functionality might be missing or can be improved. Everone is at liberty to approach things with personal interest but without losing sight of the way Admidio took. We are always glad to extend the list. Skills in regard to programming languages are appreciated but not mandatory as we have a lot of support possibilities.

Markus Fa├čbender

Project manager

Forum :: Fasse

Stefan Weiss


Forum :: weissst

Thomas Rupprecht


Forum :: XimeX

Stefan Schatz


Forum :: schast


Admidio is already translated into some languages and we are happy about all the people who support the translations. You can find the current status of all translations on our project page on Transifex. If you like to contribute to the translations please feel free to read our Wiki page.

Markus Fa├čbender

Forum :: Fasse
Language :: German

Henrik Troels-Hansen

Forum :: henrikth
Language :: Danish

Stefanie Schima

Forum :: xxx
Language :: English

Maycon Amaro

Forum :: amaro_maycon
Language :: Portuguese

Rick Hermans

Forum :: silverches
Language :: Dutch

Dennis Potter

Forum :: Dennis
Language :: Dutch

Erich Iseli

Forum :: eiseli
Language :: French

Zhiyu Xi

Forum :: xzy
Language :: Simple Chinese

Mauricio Riveros

Forum :: maoriveros
Language :: Spanish

Abir Ghenaiet

Forum :: Abir-gh
Language :: French


Beside the core application with its modules and provided plugins there are many more good and comprehensive plugins which are developed and provided by a bunch of diligent developers. If you have ideas for new plugins you’re highly welcomed to participate and join the list.

Erich Iseli

Forum :: eiseli
Plugins :: AdmidioCSA

Rainer Binder

Forum :: rmb
Plugins :: Mitgliedsbeitrag, Geburtstagsliste, Kategoriereport, FormFiller

Ulrik Schoth

Forum :: fiwad
Plugins :: Admidio Events for WordPress

Stefan Lindner

Forum :: red
Plugins :: Awards, (dirtydates)

Thomas Lange

Forum :: Thomas-RCV
Plugins :: Written Communications