Missing check on room-capacity

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Missing check on room-capacity

Beitragvon Schwartz » 30. Mär 2017, 12:10


In the playground I am doing some testing for the room -reservation.

I created a room with a capacity of 5 seats, and no additional.

I then created an event ( 8. Apr. ) to which I invited 1 leader + 8 "Teilnehmer"

As the room has a capacity of 5, this should not be possible. ( according to the description : The decisive factor in the room administration is an indication of the capacity. This can lead to an automatic subscriber restriction in dates. )

I have a suggestion : As the check for participants will become more and more essential, what about only to have one field to check - the number in the field "Teilnehmerbegrenzung".

When You create an event and choose a room, then the number(s) from the room ( the capacity+the extra) is filled in the field "Teilnehmerbegrenzung" - if this is already empty.
If the field "Teilnehmerbegrenzung" is filled, then there is a check : If room capacity+extra < "Teilnehmerbegrenzung" then a message "Capacity of chosen room is less than specified number of events - choose another room or adapt the number to the capacity"
If room capacity+extra >= "Teilnehmerbegrenzung" then it is accepted.

Kind regards

PS If You do it this way, a later editing of the room will have no effect to the event. And it should not have. Editing the capacity of a room should only have effect when You afterwards also edit the event - and it could be discussed if it should then.
Maybe a check when editing the capacity of a room ( check if the room is used in future events, that has participation) and then a warning " Room is used in future events with participation - You should check these events"-
PPS Search capacity of texts (ex. : room 5 ) in event, or of rooms ?

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