SMTP issue

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SMTP issue

Beitragvon aurel » 21. Nov 2018, 12:30

Hi everyone,

I've installed Admidio 3.3.7 on a windows server 2008 with wamp. On this server I've also others applications like dokuwiki running. All of my applications are working with SMTP.

I'm facing a problem with Admidio and SMTP. I got every time an error telling me that it's impossible to connect smtp server.
However the log in debug mode tell me that the smtp server is running, but it quits with : SMTP error quit command failed.

I can"t figure why is not working. My port is good, i've no tls no ssl.

I also got this warning in adm_myfiles log :

Admidio.WARNING: DEPRECATED: "new AdmException(SYS_EMAIL_NOT_SEND, ******@******.fr)" is deprecated, use "new AdmException(SYS_EMAIL_NOT_SEND, array(******@******.fr))" instead! {"message":"SYS_EMAIL_NOT_SEND","params":"******@******.fr","allParams":["SYS_EMAIL_NOT_SEND","******@******.fr","<strong>Erreur SMTP : impossible de se connecter au serveur SMTP.</strong><br />\n"]} {"file":"C:\\wamp64\\www\\admidio\\adm_program\\system\\classes\\AdmException.php","line":77,"class":"AdmException","function":"__construct"}

Do I miss something ? Any ideas ?

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