Step 5 of installation says:

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Step 5 of installation says:

Beitrag von Fred »

"5. In the next step you have to enter the access data to your database. These should have been provided by your hoster."

Since I am my own would be hoster, and there are no instructions about how to set up the data base;

this may be why my many install attempts have so far failed.

I can install the AMPPS but after that, it is all guessing and trial and error.

A working set of instruction would be a great helps here.

The instructions as they exist at this point, without this information, will fail,
unless there is and expert hoster to guide. I expect that this is very often the case.

sorry to lump more work on to the team but not sure what else to do.

Also, once you hit the install button, about how long should it take to get to the completion?
Running an intel Q8200S 8 gig ram, ssd for testing etc.

Also, the reference to security of 777 does not apply on Windows, this is described differently on windows
, and there may be an issue of
TPC/IP and PIPES ? adjustments in windows, that pops up occasionally?

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Re: Step 5 of installation says:

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Hi Fred,

I will repeat my answer from GitHub for others who read this thread:

I have no solution for your problem. Set up a working database is a requirement for Admidio.

But for the next version I have implement a check at installation if the current database user has the right to create a table. Otherwise a database error will be thrown, so it's easier for all to find the problem and there will be no white page at the last installation step.