Error when trying to import CSV

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Error when trying to import CSV

Beitragvon winthrop57 » 4. Jan 2020, 22:12

Installed Admidio without much difficulty. Just trying to do some testing and refine what my eventual database will look like. In trying to IMPORT a CSV file, I went through the steps of matching fields but when I clicked on Import, it gave me a 500 Internal Server Error.
I've made changes and added new fields. I've even uploaded a photo for my member records without problems.
Any idea as to what the problem might be? Everything else seems to be fine. Using admidio-3.3.11. Testing on an iPage web server.
thanks for any help.
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Re: Error when trying to import CSV

Beitragvon fasse » 15. Jan 2020, 21:51

How big is your csv file. Have you tried it with a smaller one?

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