Canceled participants show up in overview

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Canceled participants show up in overview

Beitragvon tibersolutions » 10. Mai 2020, 20:46

Sorry I'm dutch and not german, so I'll try to explain it in English.
We are trying to use your application and we stumbled on a strange thing.
When a participant subscribe to a event with limited room, you will see the number of participants with +1 and in de events overview you will see the participants name as administrator.
When a participant cancel's the subscribtion the subscribers number will be lowered with -1 as expected.
But... when we do the event overview with the participants, we still see there name as subscribed.
Can you help me with fixing this?

you can view the screenshots with the following links;

Image with participants number.
Admidio pic 1.png
Image with participants number
Admidio pic 1.png (130.03 KiB) 71 mal betrachtet

Image with event overview, where you see the subscribed as canceled participants
Admidio Pic 2.png
Image overview with names
Admidio Pic 2.png (140.8 KiB) 71 mal betrachtet
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Re: Canceled participants show up in overview

Beitragvon fasse » 22. Mai 2020, 11:36


could you please describe the steps more detailed?

Create a event with participation and max count members? Any other settings?
Are you member of the event? Do you add new members or the members themselves?

I could not reproduce your problem :(

Best regards

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