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Admidio 3.3 Beta startedAdmidio 3.3 Beta started

This is our first Beta of Version 3.3. Please have a look at our announcement for a description of the main enhancements.

If you have a local test version of your installation then you can support us if you download the new version and try an update so we can check if all works fine with your configuration.
Download Admidio 3.3 Beta 1

Please remember that this is a Beta-Version that is not intended for a productive enviroment. It could contain errors and could lead to data loss!

If you don’t have a local test area then you can use our playground to have a look at the new version. But remember that there are several people who could change settings or add and remove data.

Admidio 3.3 playground

Comments, enhancements or bugs could reported in our betatest forum. Please report every bug in a separate thread, so it’s easier for us to keep the overview.

The Admidio-Team