Web feeds (RSS)

Admidio offers a web feed in the RSS file format for the Announcements, Events, Photos, Weblinks and Guestbook modules. This can be subscribed to via corresponding apps or in the browser. Subscribers are then automatically shown the latest entries in these modules in the apps. As web links work without login data, only public data can be displayed. If the module is only available to registered members, the web feed for this module cannot be used. If individual categories are only visible to certain roles, no entries in these categories will be included in the web feed.


In the Announcements module, the last 50 announcements can be subscribed to via the following link:

RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/announcements/rss_announcements.php


In the Events module, you can subscribe to the next 50 events via the following link:

RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/events/events_rss.php


In the Photos module, you can subscribe to the latest 50 albums, each with 5 randomly selected photos, via the following link:

RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/photos/rss_photos.php

In the Weblinks module, all weblinks can be subscribed to via the following link:

RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/links/rss_links.php


In the Guestbook module, the last 50 entries can be subscribed to via the following link:

RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/guestbook/rss_guestbook.php

If you do not want to offer web feeds on your site, you can deselect the Enable web feeds setting in the Settings under General. Now the web feed is no longer suggested in the browser and even a direct call of the RSS links documented here only leads to a message that the function is not available. Disable web feeds

Normally, the web feed displays the entries of the main organization. If you have configured several organizations under the same website, you may want to call up the web feed for another organization. To do this, you can use the query parameter organization_short_name for each web feed, where you can enter the short name of the desired organization.

For example, if your organization has the short name DEMO, the web link to display the upcoming events would look like this:
RSS link: http://www.example.org/admidio-folder/adm_program/modules/events/events_rss.php?organization_short_name=DEMO

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