This page describes the steps that must be performed to install Admidio on your server.

  1. Download Admidio from this page on your computer and unzip the zip file with an appropriate program.
  2. Remove the version info from the folder name and copy the unzipped folder admidio to your webspace. Your webspace should support PHP, as well as provide access to one of the following databases: MySQL, MariaDB or PostegreSQL.
  3. Change the folder permissions from the folder adm_my_files with your favorite FTP program. If you have an Apache webserver set the folder rights to 777. Admidio needs this write permissions to save photos, profile photos, download files and database backups in this folder.
  4. Now call the install script on the web space at the following URL
  5. Following the instructions in the installation script and give all the necessary information in the appropriate forms.
    :!: If the installer could not create the file config.php then you must manually copy the file to the folder adm_my_files.

Once these steps are performed, Admidio is already successfully installed and you can login with your user.

Make you become familiar with Admidio and play with the settings to get a feeling for the possibilities and the best configuration for your organization, your team or your group.

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