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Question -1 How to Import users with CSV?

Answer by fredsfollies » 1. Jun 2017, 23:32 - click “user management → Additional Functions → import users” you will be asked to set the fields you wish to import and once you do that, the import happens very quickly.

Question -2 How to Modifying title text?

Question -3 How to change colors to new home page colors?

Answer ⇒ Not yet possible but This is something that should be done with CSS

Question -5 Formfiller problem in adding in module?

Answer Post link - []

$pluginMenu = new Menu('plugins', 'Plugins'); include(SERVER_PATH.'/adm_plugins/formfiller/formfiller.php'); echo $pluginMenu→show();

Question -6 Front page displays badly after enabling Formfiller plugin?

Answer- by fasse » 19. Apr 2018, 03:54

You should include the plugin with the menu. Just add there a new link to /adm_plugins/formfiller/formfiller.php You must not add it to the sidebar. Unfortunally there is a bug in formfiller, when doing this. But the author will release a new version soon.

Question -7 Install plugin membership fee?

Question -8 The Configuration file config.php?

Question -9 how to change menu names?

I want to edit the name of the “announcements” and also change the description of them (the text appearing below the module name at adm_program/index.php ).

Answer-by weissst » 14. Oct 2016, 22:45

Post link - []

what you are searching for is the translation file: adm_program/languages/en.xml

there you can change the naming and the description that is displayed. on every Update this will be lost.

Question -10 member directory open on Web

Answer- Post link - []

I have no complete solution for your problem, but a first idea you can find in the plugin that you can find:

in the index.php file you need to set the group ID of the group you want to see when you open the index file in the browser. maybe this can be a first step for you to get all the functions you need.

Question -11 How to setup password for new user?

I log on as administrator and registered a new user. I don't setup email delivery on my server. I tried to edit the new users profile and change password, but it seems like password change for other users is not allowed even for administrator role.

Answer- The only option is to send an email to the user with the new password. Or the user must register himself.

Question -12 Is the Awards plugin available in English?

Answer - Post link - []

Look at the current git version:


There is a new award plugin version at Admidio wiki - []

Below is the procedure to setup award plugin in admidio-3.3.1:- ## Award plugin install from v3.3.1

  • 1.Unzip in plugin folder adm_plugins/awards
  • 2.Once the link adm_plugins/awards/awards_install.php call
  • 3.Configure the menu, add the following links in the menu:
  • Show Honors → /adm_plugins/awards/awards_show.php
  • Assign Honors → /adm_plugins/awards/awards_change.php
  • Edit honor categories → /adm_program/modules/categories/categories.php?type=AWA
  • 4.In order to display the honors on the profile pages, the line of code must be:
  • “include_once (ADMIDIO_PATH. FOLDER_PLUGINS. '/awards/awards_profile_addin.php');”
  • At the end of the file /adm_program/modules/profile/profile.php in front $ page→ show (); be inserted.

Answer- by XimeX » 24 Sep 2015, 16:27 Post link -

change the following in admidio.css: line 85 Code: Select all

#admidio-logo { top: -10px; position: relative; visibility: inherit; margin-bottom: -130px; width: 200px; }

Line 105 Code: Select all

#admidio-logo { top: -10px; margin-bottom: -130px; width: 300px; }

and deletes the “width: … px;” Out

Question -14 How to remove admidio from heading (Admidio overview)?

Answer - by XimeX » 18. Apr 2018, 22:18 Post link -

Go to ⇒ … ex.php#L21 Change to $headline = $gL10n→get('SYS_OVERVIEW');

Answer - by XimeX » 18. Apr 2018, 22:18 Post link -

below line in “else section” of /adm_program/index.php to get the link.

          '', '','Home Page','home.png'

Go to ⇒ … hp#L32-L61

The first section is for the links that are shown if you are logged in. the other section for logged out

Question - 16 Membership fee menu is missing?

Error message: There are no contribution roles available! - Define first contribution roles in accordance with the documentation. Answer - Post Link -

Go into role administration & define a contribution ( contribution ) & a contribution period ( contribution period) for any role. This should make the menu structure visible again.

Question - 17 Attachments/documents with in user profile?

          ==== How to provide folder access to member only? ====

Answer - By Schwartz & Hanabi Post Link -

  • 1 - Create a separate folders in the download area for each member(Example - FolderA).
  • 2 - Copy the link to this folder (Note the folder ID)into the field “website” or you can create another field “Member Document Drive”.
  • 3 - Now you can go from the member to the members documents.
  • 4 - As user can belong to more roles. Create a role (i.e- RoleDocUserA,RoleDocUserB and so on)for each user and assign this newly created role to the user.
  • 5 - Now each user will have two roles assigned.only one role (RoleDocUserA) will be allowed to access the “userA's folder “FolderA”.

Question - 18 My admidio member website doesn't works after transition to HTTPS?

  Scenario - In case your admidio site home page goes bad when you use https

Answer - By Ximex

Post Link -

Look for the file adm_my_files/config.php and change from $g_root_path = ''; to $g_root_path = '';

Question - 20

Answer - by

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