Event management

In the date module you can create via the link Add a new date a new date. In the following dialog you have various possibilities of what you can adjust for a date. In the simple approach, you give your date a Title and adjusts the period of the event to. If the event is over an entire day, then the checkbox all day can be activated. Here then no longer times can be entered.

New date

In addition to these basic data still needs to be seleceted a Calendar and a Description must be added. This data is sufficient now to create a date, which is displayed in a kind of list view in the date module.

When you create an event the option Location can be specified. The name of the location can be freely determined. Once here 2 or more words with at least 3 letters are given, the place will be later in the appointment display with Google Maps link. Here it is useful if the location information of real geographical features (eg roads, cities, famous shops / restaurants etc.) are corresponded. In addition to the link a registered user can directly calculate the route to this location with a click on the link.

I you do not want to show dates for all visitors of your website, so you can specify in the date configuration the roles that are allowed to see the date. Normally, an date is always visible for all visitors and logged in users.

Adjustment for visibility

Here, however, can now be selected a role instead of All (also Visitors). Then the date will not longer be shown to visitors and logged out users, but only registered users with valid login. It can be combined with further roles.

Before you can particpate to an event, it must be allowed at the date configuration. For this you activate the settings Registration possible. Now logged-on users can sign up for participation at this date.

Configure dates

In addition, you can now have yourself signed up directly to an event while creating it. This one you will automatically assigned as mananger for this date and may pursue further registrations. It is also possible to specify a restriction on the applications. Thus, only a certain number of people may sign up for this event. This may also use the visibility to be combined so that only members of certain roles can participate. As a user, I see later under the date two new features. I can get the list of already registered and I can sign up myself.

Sign up to date

If you have signed up to a date, then you can unsubscribe at any time of the date. This function is then below the date available.

The room administration must be activated first in the organizational constellations in dates. Here then also any rooms can be created and managed. The decisive factor in the room administration is an indication of the capacity. This can lead to an automatic subscriber restriction in dates.

Activate room administration

If the room administration is enabled and all the rooms are set up, so now in the date configuration, the selection of a room is available. The indication of the possible maximum number of participants to the date is given by the selected room. This can be restricted in the date configuration only downwards. Consideration will be given in the date creation with room allocation, whether this room was occupied at the time already by another date.

Assign a room

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